No palm oil

Palm oil is used in a large percentage of mainstream chocolates – its role is generally to keep fruit ingredients from sticking together in the manufacture process, and to create liquid or gooey textures, but it is also used in making chocolate itself.  Currently palm oil can be listed as ‘vegetable oil’ in ingredient lists in the UK.

Divine does not use any palm oil in its chocolate, and aims not to use any additional ingredients that contain palm oil. This is for a number of reasons. Rainforests are still being cut down to plant palm oil plantations and we do not want to subscribe to the impact his has on the environment and animal habitats.  Divine is also conscious that palm oil is used as a cheap oil alternative in a large percentage of the processed foods we all eat today, and so we choose not to add to that high level of consumption which may have health implications. Lastly, as natural cocoa butter is crucial to the real flavour of chocolate we choose not to substitute it with a fat that adds nothing to the quality and fine taste of our product (which means we are buying as much cocoa as possible from the farmers of Kuapa Kokoo and thereby delivering more Premium to them).

Our chocolate recipes do not include palm oil and we are working to detect any ingredient that may contain palm oil and looking for alternatives. We have recently successfully created delicious caramel bars, and selection of praline chocolates without using palm oil.

If we ever decide to make an exception to this approach it will be with independently audited traceable and sustainable palm oil, and will make this clear on any packaging.